Monday, November 05, 2007

Radio Show Descriptions

The November 1st deadline for show descriptions has past. The followng shows have turned in their descriptions:

  • Alanzo Phillips Show: Alanzo Phillips
  • Get Fresh 11: Chris Kinloch
  • The Jumpoff: Danny Clase
  • Revolutionary Radio: Fritz Jean
  • Truth Speaks: Karina Cabreja
  • Ultimate Nick Show: Nicholas Interligi

If your show is not on this list then you must submit a description ASAP.

Email the following 5 items to
  1. The exact title of your show.
  2. The full names of the host and regular co-hosts.
  3. A brief description of your show.
  4. Links to any myspace, facebook, or blog pages that you use to promote your show (exact URL's, please.)
  5. A photo of you and your co-hosts (can be added later if you don't have one now.)

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