Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OWWR Break Sheets

Attention all Old Westbury Web Radio Dj's as discussed during our recent meeting taking station breaks are mandatory for all live and pre-recorded shows. They will be monitored and check daily to ensure that everyone is following suit with the new break schedule. A break consists of the following elements that can be found in Wave Cart:
  • Liners
  • Promos
  • PSA's
  • Station Show Promos

This information needs to be documented in the spaces provided and as well as the time it starts; not the actual time, the time that it starts as your show is recording in Adobe Audition. These break sheets will be available in studio A as well as the Radio Station main office. Required is three [3] breaks an hour (if you have a 2 hour show u must take 6 breaks). Upon completion of you show; break sheets must be submitted to the Production Director office located in the main office of the radio station. Failure to adhere to break schedule procedures will result in AUTOMATIC STRIKE!!!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions email Jeff Napoleon

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