Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey all OWWR staff and directors!

Just a few quick things:

First off, I hate to say this but I am VERY disappointed in the amount of show promos that I received for the April 8th, 2011 deadline. I have gotten about 6. I know, that there are not just six shows on this 24/7 college radio station. To those that go above and beyond, thank you and know that your hard work is not going unnoticed. For everyone else, something needs to be done about this. Like I express so many times, over and over, these promos are to benefit yourselves!!! Most of you are Media & Communications majors and this is not going to fly in the real business.

This being said, I am now in the process of creating a rough draft contract. If we are going to be like a real station, we have to run and work like a real station. This contract will include things such as promos, liners, events and a few others that will be expressed at a later time. This contract is not a negotiation. When it is signed, you express that you will uphold all on the contract and I will no longer tolerate lateness for any reason unless expressed towards me directly and in advance. As soon as the contract is approved I will post a link to in on the blog and get them to all staff members. If you are a staff member, it must be signed as it will come along with your staff application.

I know that all of you have the ability and the talent to do great things, so please, put those talents to use! It takes hard work to get to where you want to go; you are going to have to push yourselves. I want to be just as proud as every one just as I was for the first promo deadline this semester.

Please do not forget that you all have one more show promo due for this semester! the date it April 28th. DO NOT FORGET! It will be posted around the station, here, the facebook and verbally as ususal.

Aside from promos, let's get to the fun stuff! it's that time of the year for the MAC Awards! All the nominations are out and the date is approaching very fast! There will be a MAC Award screening tomorrow, April 20th for all video, new media and digital arts in the campus center recital hall, 5-8 PM. This is the only place where you will get to see all of the full length projects as they must be shortened for the actual ceremony. The MAC Award ceremony will take place May 4th in the campus center Macguire Theater. There will be a dinner from 5-6:30 and the awards will start at 7PM sharp!

If there are any concerns or comments please come see me.

Annalie Rose Baumann
Production Director

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