Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Show Promo Extension

As previously stated ALL show promos were due last Wednesday, February 16th. I am very proud to say that I had received more than half of our OWWR show promos. So first off I would like to thank everyone who handed in their promos on time and are contribution to the over all sound of our colleges station. However, there are still shows that have yet to submit a promo for the first spring 2011 deadline. I have decided to extend the show promo date until tomorrow, Wednesday February 23rd. That is a week later than they were expected. You MUST have your show promo in the preview by tomorrow night, or YOUR SHOW WILL BE SUSPENDED. There are absolutely no excuses. I have already given an extension which was not supposed to be granted. Please do not take advantage of this. This time around, you will be documented and your show will be affected.

Please help the station and yourselves and get your promos in tomorrow!

Annalie Baumann
Production Director

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