Friday, October 24, 2008

Spooktacular Message from the Station Manager!


I would like to say thank you everyone that participated in our performance with Panther Pride Week. OWWR was involved from start to finish, and all of you did great. Be proud!

More photos exist, and will be seen soon on our photobucket account near you.

As we continue to evolve, we will be working on our News and Sports departments.

Here’s the OWWR Rundown, and we need your help once again:

- October 29th

o Recording of ‘Chinese Music Ensemble’, Campus Center, Recital Hall, 12-1 PM.
o Recording of ‘Teach In Financial Crisis’, Academic Village, Room B-100, 1-2:40 PM.
o OWWR Halloween Bash!, Student Union, Multipurpose Room, 6-10 PM!

- November 3rd

o Vote Rally, Student Union, Atrium, 12-1 PM, OWWR DJ’s on hand

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More on the way, November is a busy month!! Stay Tuned.
Thank you once again for all your help.
See you on the radio.
~ JM

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