Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Notes from the Station Manager

To the OWWR Family,

I would like to say thank you for those that attended the staff meeting last week. Those of you that were not there, you were missed. Below are some highlights of the meeting, please review them and read the paragraphs that follow.
Thank you.
- When on-air, avoid saying ‘I have’, try using ‘we have’
- The new AOL IM for OWWR, is OWWRNY, please give this out on-air as you conduct your shifts. This screen name should be on 24/7. When I, IM you in the studio, please respond.
- Ensure the phone does not ring while you are on-air, lower the ringer of the phone.
- No food or drinking in the studios.
- Please clean up after yourselves in the studio
- Avoid discussing station business on-air (ie: breaks, equipment, other staff members, other shows, or student management, stories or opinions that are staff related vs. our responsibility on-air to our listeners).
- All jocks should show up to their shift at least 15 minutes prior to air time.
- We are one station, one staff, with the same mission, praise and raise each other.
- Work on producing segments with content for your shifts, (music or talk programming). When you wing it... that’s how it sounds, be prepared.
- Your listeners include on and off campus, work on addressing that off campus audience. Save dorm room chat… for dorm rooms. Be broadcasters, start producing segments with timely content relevant to your listeners.
- After your shift, submit your break schedule to the PD.
- All new station promos, (if you have not done one already they are due Friday, April 14th, 2008 by 5 PM.
- If in the event you are unable to do your shift, show up for work, internship, or work-study you must call 516.876.7502 and leave a message in addition, to ensuring Edmond Easton, Professor Mattson, or I have been notified.
- If the event you go to University Police for a swipe card, immediately following your shift you are to drop off that swipe card and get your id back.
- We are working on a new guest list policy, all engineers are responsible to ensure the guest list form has been completed once implemented.

These were just some of the highlights from the meeting. We are working on a new website, and a new station manual. New policies and practices will begin occurring across the board in all departments and the changes will be noticeable. We have updated our Wavecart system and we will continue to update new music as it becomes available. Jason Aceto will be holding training sessions in the future for all current and new staff for studio usage.

In the interim we are seeking students that would like to get involved in news, sports, production, programming and public relations for the station. These students do not have to be Media majors, just the desire to learn, achieve, and make great radio.

We are working on some new events:
- Thursday evenings 7-9 PM in the Cyber Lounge for a ‘chill night’, we need staffing, and promotions.
- Fundraiser for “The Smile Train”.
- An evening of comedy at the McGuire Theatre, on April 1ST, 2008, we need help for this event as well.

If you are interested, please visit me in my office Tuesday – Thursday, or see Professor Mattson.

OWWR is a work in progress, we are a new station with a new vision of unity, and a new commitment to our on and off campus listening communities. I am looking forward to our future together as one radio station. My door always open come inside, I am more than willing and available to discuss any material above, I am open to new ideas, and I love to teach.

OWWR, Lead and be Heard!


~ Joe Manfredi
OWWR Station Manager

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