Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twas the Night Before Break

Hey Everyone!

As you all know by now, I will not be returning next semester. I will be attending SUNY New Paltz. I love you all dearly; Old Westbury Webradio has been the highlight of my OW Experience. I'm going to miss you so much! I promise to come visit whenever I'm on the Island...and you guys can friend me on facebook! If you want to hit me up, my email is

So, my dear DJ's, I leave you with this Holiday Present:

'Twas the night before break, when all through the station
Not a DJ was spinning, not D. Clase or Jason;

The sliders were all in their pots with great care
in hopes that Mike and Antie would soon be on air.

The show schedule was nestled all snug on it's board
The new lineup of over 20 shows had the whole college floored

We have It's Major, Desert Storm, and of course Fada Nap
The Morning Show, Keepin it Real Sports, Ultimate Nick doesn't play Rap

When over in the studio something seems to be a clatter,
Professor Mattson and Zafutto will fix what is the matter.

All the DJ's hope to make it big one day and earn Cash
like Let Your Voice Be Heard; that show is a Smash!

Away from Studio A The DJ's will go
and enjoy their vacation, and play in the snow

When what, to our wondering eyes did appear?
More shows each semester, the stations success was so clear

With so many shows, on live and evergreens
We were better than the Catalyst; we're Media Queens!

Sports Music and Talk, and guests always came
On the airwaves are shows, and these are their names

On Talking Sports! On Blackstone's! now Cultural Flava!
On Get Fresh 11, Keepin it Real Sports, and don't forget It's Major!

To the top of the charts! The music will bounce off the wall!
Now dance away, dance away! Dance away all!

Putting it on blast makes everyone's thoughts fly
while 6 string revolution's music makes us all ask "why!?"

And then, in a twinkling, we heard On & Poppin
We couldn't believe the beats that TC had been droppin!

As we spin all our records in studio C
Raecine does Public Relations for the campus to see

The interns Destiny, Chris, Jason and Bravo
make promos for wavecart; break schedules we follow!

Luv Line with Lumi, some hearts she does mend
Alanzo Phillips on Friday; he and his girlfriend

Truth Speaks with Karena is on every Thursday
her cohost is Stanley Fritz; he has 3 shows he DJ's!

The Morning Show gives us our horoscopes and news
Revolutionary Radio gives us a Reggae vibe groove

The Main Event is a new show we have on the air
Tuesday mornings from 11-1; so listen and be there!

Other new shows include Main Event and Candy Shop
We are always looking for new DJ's to make this place pop!

A.N.Y. Time with Sean Harris is enjoyed by all
hopefully his show will even last till next fall!

Webradio News every Tuesday at Six
Thanks to Ben Mevorach, we get out News Fix!

Finally Awesome Maria, who's played her last song
she's transferring to New Paltz; let's all say "So Long!"

But I heard her exclaim, before she drove her pickup truck out of sight,

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