Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet the new News Director!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Maria Davila, and I am the new News Director here at Old Westbury Webradio. While I am very sad to see my dear friend and coworker Donato go (Congratulations. Plattsburg for Grad School, wow! Good Luck!), I am very excited about my new position. I was previously an Anchor, Reporter, and Assistant News Director of OWWR News. I also have my own separate radio show, The Awesome Maria Show, Live from OWWR Wednesdays from 7 to 9.

Donato and I are similar in that we believe in better education through communication, and in that we strongly feel that the students have the right to be informed. However, we are different that I am more goofy and less serious. I’m going to do the job to the best of my ability and be serious and responsible when duty calls, but you better believe I’m going to have fun with it (Don’t get me wrong; behind closed doors, Donato was a ball of laughs)!

If any of you are interested in joining OWWR News, have story ideas, or want an event covered, give me a holler. If you are interested in being an Anchor or Engineer for the show in the spring, let me know. I am feverishly seeking an Assistant News Director to help me with copyediting, reporting, and enjoying general fun and shenanigans. Feel free to drop by my office at the top floor of the Student Union Building at any time to just say hi or if you need any information about the Radio!

I look forward to seeing and working with you all!

-Maria Davila

PS: That Picture? Donato's on the Left, and that's me on the right!

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