Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sign Up For Studio Time

Any Old Westbury Student who has completed Radio Training I&II can sign up for studio time.

The best way to reserve time is to sign up on the studio schedules posted on the wall of room 329 of the Student Union.

You can send an email to and ask to reserve studio space. In your email please specify Studio A, B, or C and a couple of alternate times in case your first choice is already reserved.

Rules for Studio Time:
1. Studio space is reserved by the hour with a limit of three hours in any one day.
2. The studios are open as long as the Student Union building is open (M-F 9am-10:50pm; Saturday 12-5pm; Sunday 12-11pm)
3. When you sign up for studio time you are making a commitment to show up on time and leave on time. You must be out of the studio when your time is over and before the building closes.
4. You are responsible for the security and cleanliness of the studio and the station.

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