Monday, November 20, 2006

Are You Interested in Old Westbury Radio?

Radio Old Westbury is looking for Old Westbury Students to host shows, manage the station and be a part of our news department. No experience necessary. If you want to help us build a radio station and have fun send an email to Radio Director Andrew Mattson at


blindguy68 said...

Honestly I was almost interested in joining/creating a radio show in the hopes of furthering my understanding of the field and to enjoy my collegic career, but the horrible planning of the college radio website and failure to leave any descriptions of current radio shows have made me feel forced to end any thought of wasting my time with an obviously secondrate operation with little understanding of how to do simple radio... congratulations on sucking the life out of something that used to bring me joy.

Anonymous said...

yo no doubt, this stuff is mad gay

A. Mattson said...

To Blindguy68: Is this constructive criticism or just a cheap shot? The radio station needs students to get involved and make it work. Did you try to improve the website? Did you offer to get involved and help manage the station? Did you come to a station meeting and raise your criticisms or offer to help?

It is easy to stand outside and criticize. It's a lot harder to contribute and improve the station.

We are still here if you want to get involved, but before you start with further criticism, ask yourself what you have done to make this station work better.