Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Al Sharpton Visits Old Westbury Radio

The Reverend Al Sharpton came to the station for an interview before his speech in the Student Union. Amber Brooks interviewed Reverend Sharpton on live radio during the Justin and Tiffany Show on Wednesday evening.

Old Westbury Radio Reporter Amber Brooks had a long list of questions. You can hear the answers online. The interview was recorded as a part of Justin & Tiffany Show and has been added to our rotation.

Hosts Tiffany Tait and Justin Toro listen to Al Sharpton answering questions in Studio A.

Justin Toro & Tiffany Tait just finished the first live show on Old Westbury Web Radio. You'd be smiling too if you had just had a celebrity on your radio show.

Check out the crowd that showed up to hear Al Sharpton speak. You can hear his speech rebroadcast on our radio station starting on Thursday 2/16. It was a great evening and the Reverend Sharpton received a standing ovation from the audience of almost 400 people.

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