Thursday, January 05, 2006

WCOW is Dead, Long Live Old Westbury Radio

We have discovered that the call letters WCOW belong to another station: COW97 out of Sparta Wisconsin. They are are Country station and are very happy to be COW radio.

That means that we can no longer use WCOW because the FCC says it belongs to them and not Old Westbury College. So for the moment we are simply:

Old Westbury Radio

If you have a better name let us know. . .


Maziely said...

hey how about O-Dubb Radio, i know it sound a bit cheesy but just an idea

A. Mattson said...

O-Dubb Radio? Hmmmmm. I will have to say it out loud a few times. I am making a list of suggestions and yours goes at the top. We may have to have a contest. Because we need a catchy name to call ourselves that will represent our station and the college. Not everyone liked "Radio Cow" anyway.

maziely said...

yeah radio cow lol makes me wanna say moo lol

A. Mattson said...

If you click on the link for COW97 you will hear moo sound effects. Corny, but I bet it makes a lot of people smile. We're talking about it aren't we? What more do you want from a name? Attracting attention, even laughter is a good start.
We are a respectable liberal arts college, so we will have to keep the mooing to a minimum.

maziely said...

Oooh i have new onez lol "Dub-B, Hitz radio" or "O-Dub hitz"
Anouccer guys says :::Playing all of your favorite jazz, hip hop and reggae Hitz::
::Playing the hitz and your news::

Lol gosh its hard commin up with something. I wish i could be some part of the station in sum way.

Gavin said...

Maybe it can be called Panther Radio, to keep in line with school pride. Old Westbury Radio sounds good, except for the fact that I worry it might be confused with it being an Old Westbury (town) radio station, instead of a SUNY Old Westbury radio station...just a thought...

A. Mattson said...

Gavin, I agree with both of your comments. I have already suggested Panther Radio to the executive committee. It would be a way to identify ourselvess with the Old Westbury Panther teams that we will be covering. We also hope to broadcast games as well.
You are right, we want people to know that it is SUNY Old Westbury radio and not a town radio station. I will tell the executive committee that we have another vote for Panther Radio. Thanks for the comment.

A. Mattson said...

Maizely, Thanks for your comments. If you are a registered Old Westbury College student you can participate in building the station. If you are not, then we welcome you as a listener and any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.

We are just getting started so wait until February before you judge us too harshly. Until then the programming will be very repetitive.
I still like O-Dubb radio, but it may not fly with everyone. Panther Radio builds on the our sports icon so it has a leg up.
Andrew Mattson
Radio Director.

Anonymous said...

The Hispanic/Latino Cultural Center congratulates you and wishes you good luck in your endeavor. BTW, I like Panther Radio or... Panther Waves (?)... I like the idea of a school wide contest for the name. They did it for the Panther's Den and it was lots of fun.
Esther Gómez-Nieto