Sunday, January 22, 2006

17 Students Have Completed Training I & II

Education Major Grace Huang at work in Studio A. She has completed her training and is now preparing a proposal for a show that may include radio drama. If you are interested in radio drama please contact the station. If we have enough interest we will create a radio drama company to produce radio plays.

Over the past two weeks 17 Old Westbury Students have successfully completed both Training I and Training II. They are now ready to begin practicing their skill and producing one hour shows to insert in our rotation. We had two weeks of trainings, meetings and show practice sessions. The station is now been open for production on a limited schedule and we are slowly learning our way around the equipment. Some students already have the skills to jump right in and create programming for immediate webcast, others need to practice the basic skills and work towards the goal of recording a smooth one hour program. Practice makes perfect!

Professor Lee Blackstone (Criminology/Sociology) shows Ms. Huang how to use the board last Thursday morning during Training I in Studio A.

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