Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WCOW is online!

We are up and running. You can listen to the station right now by clicking on the link in the sidebar. Or by turning on your television to channel 6 if you live on campus.

The current programming is an automated loop, playing 24/7.

We are actively looking for Old Westbury students to join the radio station and create new programs to fill out our schedule. We plan to be a real radio station by the beginning of next semester.

So contact us soon if you are ready to get serious about Old Westbury Radio.

Keep your eyes glued to WCOW NEWS for the announcement of our next recruitment meeting.


Anonymous said...

The tunes your playing right now are soooooo smooth. I'm just sitting here working on the computer and grooving to the smooth jazzy sounds.

I love jazz. Keep on playing this style of music and I'll keep listening.

A. Mattson said...

Thanks for the compliment. That's one more vote for the smooth jazzy format. We aim to please, but there will be other formats as well.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the station....are there any plans to broadcast over the Air in the future?